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print production manual
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cuarto etoile
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book jacket
This manual is a print reference guide for graphic designers. It contains information designer’s need when creating work for commercial printing. Written content, diagrams, a layout design and a cover were all needed for this manual.
A series of yoga cards featuring an illustration of a yoga pose and its name. The back of the cards contain instructions of how to do a pose and a mantra meant to be said over and over while in the pose.
A fancy health food restaurant. The words Cuartro etoile mean “four stars” in French. All of their dishes are healthy versions of gourmet foods. The challenge was to create the identity as a one color design. Class Assignment.
Client required a unified look applied to collateral, communicating their services and upcoming events to the community. Class Assignment.
This book teaches how to choose a type face, or concept the design of a type face, for a project. The title arose from the authors equating this process to a tree growing branches. This book required a cover, a book signing poster and a specially designed typeface. A consistent and recognizable look for this material was also needed.
This book jacket was designed for the Handbook of Type Anatomy; a reference guide for students to use in the process of designing a typeface. The book contains a breakdown of the entire anatomy of every roman letter form. It also features information about each letter form based on common typefaces. Class Assignment.